Enrolment does not provide any guarantee for selection as independent director
Database of Professionals Seeking Independent Directorship

Cancellation & Refund Policy

This enrolment/ membership fee is not refundable. No cancellation/refund will be made under any circumstances even if due diligence of the profile is not approved due to any reason.

The decision of the Chamber of Indian Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (CIMSME) will be final in this regard.

All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.

Professional Zone
Seeking Directorship This is a zone where the professionals can register themselves for inclusion of their names in our database of professionals seeking appointment of independent Director in Private Ltd / Public Ltd companies, /PSUs and Govt companies. The registration does not guarantee any person's appointment as Independent Director. Please view Disclaimer on the top before registration and payment.

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Listed Company Zone
Appointing Independent Directors This is a Zone for the PSU / Listed Company and Other Government and Private Companies desiring to appoint Independent Director. We provide a rich data of professionals duly verified by us.

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Indian Independent Directors' Association
Indian Independent Directors' Association is a forum for knowledge sharing among the Independent Directors. The main objects of this Association are as under.

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